Sparks Handed Extra Training After Stallion Defeat
March 22nd, 2015


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Head coach Simon McMenemy cut a frustrated figure after last Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Stallion. He was particularly disappointed at what he felt was a lack of commitment from his players, and he made his feelings known with an extra training session the day after.

“There are a couple of heavy legs out there due to some extra running on the Sunday after the Saturday game. I wasn’t particularly happy so I canceled their day off and I got them in the next day and they ran hard for an hour, just to remind themselves the price of not quite running through the 90 minutes,” said McMenemy.

Despite the extra day of training, the Scot is confident it will not negatively affect how the Sparks perform against Philippine Army on Saturday.

“There’ll be plenty of time for recovery ahead of Saturday’s game and I think they’re keen to put that behind them and get back to where we were.”

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